Current team

Ryan Ansin
G. Ryan Ansin is an entrepreneur, early-stage investor, and philanthropist focused on using the holistic combination to generate returns and positive impact for those in the targeted communities wherein he works.

Today, Ansin splits his time between multiple entities. As an investor and advisor, Ansin has built a portfolio of industry-changing start-ups and growth stage companies in the tech, health tech, ethical fashion, and real estate. Ansin currently spends most his time leveraging abandoned mill buildings in Massachusetts to aid in the fast-expansion of the medicinal marijuana industry while revitalizing strained, post-industrial era cities across the state. He has invested in both the cultivation and dispensary networks, as well as the advanced technologies to bring the outdated cannabis cultivation practices into the 21stcentury. He and his team have invested, assembled, and advised over $200M in the cannabis sector in 2016 – 2018.

As President of Family Office Association, a private membership group of 300 families of extraordinary wealth, Ansin guides US-based Single Family Offices to more strategically allocate their investment and philanthropic capital to work holistically across strategies.
Johan Bjurman Bergman
By day, Johan leads product development for the new business unit EF Gap Year at EF Education First. By night, he is on a mission to democratize entrepreneurship by creating an open source gym with exercises for the entrepreneurial muscle.

Formerly, he was the Director of Strategic Alliances at the Hult Prize Foundation, where he created global partnerships with organizations such as the World Bank and USAID, lead the launch of social enterprise programs in MEA and Asia and worked on the Hult Prize Final at the United Nations in NYC.

He believes that experiential education is the future of learning and has 10 years of leadership experience from NGOs and youth organizations in music, sailing and community building.
Sean Cheng
Former curator
Sean is an investment professional at Philips Ventures, which manages a portfolio of early-stage investments in Digital Health aligned with the Philips HealthTech strategy. He was previously part of Philips Group Strategy advising the C-suite on topics including AI, digital transformation, IoT, data, and platforms in healthcare. Sean has held positions at The Boston Consulting Group, U.S. FDA, and NASA. He has a PhD from the University of Cambridge, where he developed fluid dynamics algorithms for medical device applications. He continues his engineering pursuits as an Adjunct Professor at Soochow University.

Outside of the office, Sean is focused on social impact and education, and currently drives several related initiatives around Boston (ask him). He also sits on the Advisory Councils of The Johns Hopkins University’s Department of Biomedical Engineering as well as the World Economic Forum's Global Shapers Community.
Newsha Ghaeli
Former Curator
Christopher Lee
Chris is a PhD Candidate in the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology program.
Phil Michaels
Phil Michaels is a Forbes 30 Under 30 Social Entrepreneur in Boston, MA, USA. He’s an executive coach for entrepreneurs and PhDs at Harvard and MIT. He is an MBA & MS and co-founder/CEO of Tembo Education. Tembo educates 0-6 year old children around the world, via text messages. Tembo sends one daily curriculum activity to the parent to educate their child. For educating their child, parents are rewarded with amazon gift cards or minutes and texts for their mobile phone. They’ve been funded by the owner of the Boston Red Sox and founding President of Omidyar Network.
David Mou
David is the co-founder and medical director of Valera Health, a venture-backed digital health company that allows providers and payers to better manage chronic medical and mental health conditions. Valera engages patients in their care using smartphones while making providers more efficient, thereby increasing the quality of care while decreasing costs. David has been named 'Top 10 under 35 for Healthcare' by LinkedIn, as well as '40 under 40' for healthcare innovation by MedTech Boston. David is a psychiatrist at MGH, where he conducts research with Matt Nock on how technology can help better predict and prevent suicidal behaviors. David is a Soros Fellow, a Gates Scholar, and a Horatio Alger National Scholar. He graduated from Harvard College with a degree in neurobiology, and earned his MD MBA from Harvard Medical School and Harvard Business School.
Millie Liu
Millie Liu has focused her career on helping entrepreneurs with deep technology turn their ideas into great businesses with global reach.

She was previously at APT, an enterprise data analytics startup acquired by Mastercard for $600m where she helped Fortune 50 clients such as Walmart and P&G make better strategic decisions leveraging data. She was also the co-founder of an MIT startup working on unsupervised event detection, which later pivoted and became Infervision, an AI precision healthcare platform backed by Sequoia China. Millie is on the advisory board of MIT CSAIL (Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab). She holds a Master of Finance degree from MIT and B.S. in Mathematics from the University of Toronto.
Meicen Sun
Meicen Sun is a PhD candidate of political science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology focusing on the tech-power nexus. Her research interests include international security, the political economy of technology and innovation, and Chinese foreign policy. Track-II diplomat. Writer of stories, plays, music. Nomad.
Alessandro Babini
Born in Paris to a French mother and an English educated, Italo-Lebanese father, Alessandro was immersed in an international environment from a young age. He studied mathematics in London and Paris, before working as a venture capital investor helping entrepreneurs build successful companies. After realizing that he was sitting on the wrong side of the table, he moved to Boston, where he eventually graduated from MIT Sloan and transitioned to his role as CEO of Humon, a company he co-founded. Humon’s mission is to empower people with the body insights they need to become the better version of themselves (more performant, healthy or happy). In 2017 Alessandro was selected as Forbes 30 Under 30 in 2 different categories.
Juliet Nelson
Juliet graduated with honors from Harvard College in 2016 where she was Business Manager of The Harvard Crimson newspaper. Currently, she works as a Product Manager at BookBub, a Boston based publishing startup. She is also involved with The Boston Urban Debate Leauge, RAINN, Nexus Global Youth Summit, and serves as a board member of the Carlson Family Foundation.
Steven Fox
I work in international social entrepreneurship, as CEO of ThinkImpact. I also am involved philanthropically and as an impact investor in the oceans and clean energy spaces. I'm passionate about winning a scuba diving vacation with Tom Brady.
Gorick Ng
Gorick Ng is a graduate of the MBA program at Harvard Business School. Gorick was born and raised in Toronto, Canada, graduated from Harvard College with a Bachelor of Arts in Government, and worked as a management consultant at The Boston Consulting Group. Gorick is interested in education and workforce development.
Michael Raspuzzi
Michael Raspuzzi is co-founder of Food Computer, an AI for smart recipe generation, and creative design lead for the rebranding of Boston Bay Innovation, a project bringing together the different stakeholders within the city's startup ecosystem. He is an interdisciplinary designer, whose past work includes founding and managing Cornell University's first summer startup incubator, mentoring early stage CEOs and Founders who have been recognized by Forbes 30 under 30 as the most innovative, and running innovative community events bringing together designers, engineers, and entrepreneurs to solve complex problems. He is an international award winning photographer, teaching fellow recognized with distinction for Harvard's Graduate School of Design (GSD) and John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS), and managed Harvard's engineering summer innovation programs in collaborative research and product design. He is part of the inaugural class for Harvard's Master of Design Engineering between GSD and SEAS and holds a Bachelor of Architecture from Cornell, graduating at the top of his class as class marshal, with a minor in Design Environmental Analysis.
Chiderah Okoye Nordee
I head up an applied learning and certification organization that works to upskill local businesses on issues around social media, cloud-based operations, cybersecurity and community commerce (i.e., the ability to innovate new and/or joint product and service offerings). We do this through a 1-year Fellowship program for recent graduates and returning veterans done in partnership with the 7000 chambers of commerce across the United States.

In addition to my passions around supporting entrepreneurship and new-age skills development, I put a lot of energy into increasing diverse representation in tech. I head up the Boston chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers and work with a number of local initiatives focused on breeding more exposure to underrepresented youth in STEM.
Charlie Custeau
In one word: Sponsorship. In my private equity role, I invest capital in middle market companies to solve complex financing problems and help take them to the next level. Outside of work, I'm passionate about sponsoring high-potential, low-income youths to fulfill their dreams through attaining first class education. Both of these pursuits are fueled by a passion for learning and a desire for others to succeed.
Jake Reisch
I'm currently the CEO at Eversound, helping senior communities improve engagement and reduce cognitive decline for older adults. I also serve on the Advisory Council for the Mogra Star Academy in Nairobi, Kenya and Entrepreneurship@Cornell. Building for-profit business models to reduce human suffering is what I'm most obsessed with.
Ryan O'Malley
City Councillor from Malden, Massachusetts. Working on changing government from the bottom up. Passionate about economic and community development via investments in arts and culture.
Benjamin Luxenberg
Serving as a Director of Lean Strategy and HBS Leadership Fellow at the MBTA, leading an agency-wide operational productivity initiative as well as overseeing a portion of the agency's technology innovation efforts.
Emilia Javorsky
As a physician-scientist I work to understand how advances in science and technology can be improve health and well-being. Through my research, entrepreneurial endeavors, and volunteer work, it is my goal to contribute in some way, to realizing this potential. I'm also interested in the role of emerging technology in shaping a positive and equitable future.
Joel Denis
I am currently a corporate and venture capital lawyer representing mainly startups. I am also on the board of a Blockchain startup accelerator and am Co-chair of the Harlem Lacrosse Boston Associate's Board. I am also moving forward with plans to build a startup pro bono legal clinic as well as a sports mentorship academy targeting local underprivileged youth. My greatest passions are entrepreneurship, renewable energy, music, sports, and mentorship.
Kyle Gross
I'm working on growing a network of media properties to span the nation so we can be the "Source for Local Innovation".
Maggie Dunne
Maggie is a Master of City Planning candidate at MIT, and a Graduate Research Assistant at the MIT Resilient Cities Housing Initiative. She is passionate about community economic development as it relates to advancing opportunities for socioeconomically disadvantaged populations, particularly in rural settings. She graduated from Colgate University and currently serves on its Board of Trustees. Maggie has nine years of experience working with Native American youth in Pine Ridge, South Dakota—through a nonprofit organization that she founded as a high school student, Lakota Children’s Enrichment (LCE). She currently serves as Board Chair of LCE -- and oversees their efforts to empower Native American youth in the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota through opportunities in the arts, education, sports, leadership and mentorship. Maggie received awards for her service including: 2016 Forbes 30under30 (Education) and 2012 Grand Prize in Glamour Magazine’s Top Ten College Women.
Juan Giraldo
Juan Giraldo is a serial entrepreneur and an MBA candidate with a focus on entrepreneurship at Babson College. He is currently the CEO & Co founder of Waku - a natural food & beverage brand based out of Boston sharing food-related traditions from the Andes Mountains with the world while building an ethical supply chain that supports livelihoods of Latin-American farmers.

Juan has also previous experience starting and scaling companies in the advertising, e-commerce and technology industries.
Neekta Hamidi
I am a biomedical engineer passionate about the intersections of technology and public health, through data-driven interventions and policy. I work as an Industry Consultant at IBM Watson Health, and am currently engaged in a Process Capability project with a major global pharmaceutical company. Apart from working at IBM and being a Shaper, I am developing a platform to connect South Asian diasporas with social venture opportunities in the region. On a personal level, I am a devout environmentalist, and incorporate environmental-mindedness into all aspects of my life.
Gwendalyn Moore
Gwen’s dream world is one in which being a good person is sexy, caring is cool, and values are valued. Passionate in her conviction that finance & philanthropy go hand-in-hand, Gwen is currently an investment banker at Silverwood Partners; concurrently, she co-chairs the Youth Leadership Council for the Boston-based mentoring organization SquashBusters, and serves on the steering committee at the Museum of Fine Arts. Gwen studied Economics at Tufts University, in which she earned an M.S. and a B.A. (summa cum laude). She is PADI-certified rescue diver, and always makes time for punk rock and skiing.
Chaya Pomeranz-Sherman
Chaya is the Managing Director of a global educational consulting company. She is a Rotary member, Jewish Diplomat at the World Jewish Congress, and serves as the Co-Chair of the Coaching Fellowship’s Alumni Committee. She previously served as the Curator and Vice Curator of the NYC Global Shaper Hub and was a member of the 2017 Global Shaper Steering Committee. Chaya grew up in Israel where she obtained her BA and MA in political communications and served as a Political Consultant for several international non-profits. Prior to that she was elected to serve as Chairperson of the World Union of Jewish Students (WUJS), and founded the Israeli Model UN Association (IMUNA) and CASE-IL, both focused on youth development. Chaya spent over a decade working with youth and young professionals in the areas of women’s empowerment and interfaith. She is a connector, and passionate about community building.
Julian Peat
Julian is currently Alliance & Licensing Manager at Partners HealthCare - the umbrella organization for leading Harvard research hospitals, including Massachusetts General Hospital and Brigham and Women's Hospital, that draw over $1.6 billion in annual research funding and count 3700 Harvard investigators. He manages and develops Partners' strategic R&D alliances with industry partners, and leads commercialization of a portfolio of technologies spanning regenerative medicine, global health, infectious disease and RNA therapeutics.

Julian earned his PhD in molecular biology at the University of Cambridge as a Rutherford Scholar, where he studied epigenetic reprogramming in stem cells and development. While at Cambridge, he co-founded a cross-disciplinary biotechnology accelerator, the Innovation Forum, and its sister technology consultancy, Cambridge Squared, and served as an executive in both organizations as the Forum rapidly expanded to count 12 branches across 8 countries.

After pursuing postdoctoral studies in Cambridge, Julian joined genomics start-up Totogen to develop its first product offering, and travelled to Kyrgyzstan where he worked with the government and NGOs to build local agricultural genetics capacity. He has been a member of the World Economic Forum's Global Shaper Community since 2014.